WOODBURY, TN – The Cannon County Board of Education began the new 2021-2022 Term with four returning Members and one appointed Member.  The Cannon County Board of Education now consists of four (4) returning members:  Mr. Wade McMackins – 1st District; Mrs. Jennifer Duggin – 2nd District; Mr. Derrick Mullins – 3rd District; and Mrs. Aletha Thomas – 5th District.  Miss Carly Gannon – 4th District was appointed in July 2021 by the Cannon County Commission until a Special Election is to be held on May 3, 2022. All School Board Members for this 2020-2022 Term of the Cannon County Board of Education began the second half of the Term on September 1, 2021 with Election of Officers at the September 9, 2021 Meeting of the Board. 

During the September 9, 2021 Meeting of the Cannon County Board of Education the following Officers were Elected:  Mrs. Jennifer Duggin was elected Chairman of the Board; Mrs. Aletha Thomas elected as Vice Chairman; and Mr. Derrick Mullins as Chairman pro tem.

According to Cannon County School Board Policy 1.201, Chairman Mrs. Jennifer Duggin’s duties are: To assist the director of schools in preparing meeting agendas; To preside at all meetings of the Board; To appoint committees authorized by the Board; To function as chairman of the executive committee; To countersign all warrants authorized by the Board and issued by the director of schools for all expenditures of the school system; To conduct Board hearings; To prepare the school budget with the director of schools; To authorize the use of mechanical check writing equipment; To certify the value of surplus property valued less than $500; and To carry out other such duties as may be assigned by the Board.

Vice Chairman Mrs. Aletha Thomas shall assume the duties of the Chairman in her absence or function as the chairman until a new chairman can be elected in the event the chairman is incapacitated or the office becomes vacant.

Mr. Derrick Mullins serves as the Chairman pro tem that shall be elected to preside during a meeting when neither the chairman nor the vice chairman is present.

Cannon County Board of Education Members 2021-2022 Term

      Cannon County Board of Education Members 2021-2022 Term

Seated Left to Right: Mr. Derrick Mullins – District 3 and Chairman Pro Tem; Mrs. Jennifer Duggin – District 2 and Chairman of the Board; Mrs. Aletha Thomas – District 5 and Vice Chairman;  Standing Left to Right: Miss Carly Gannon – District 4; and  Mr. Wade McMackins – District 1.

Director of Schools, Mr. William Freddy Curtis serves as the Secretary to the Cannon County Board of Education and as the executive officer of the Board. He shall conduct all correspondence of the Board, keep and preserve all of its records, receive all reports acquired by the Board, and see that such reports are in proper form. He has the right to advise on any question under consideration but has no vote.  The Board may assign the keeping of the minutes to a clerk; however, the responsibility resides with the director of schools.

The Cannon County Board of Education met with Director Curtis and Mr. Ben Torres – Assistant Executive Director/General Counsel with the Tennessee School Board Association in a School Board Retreat – Cannon County – Planning: A Joint Venture on Saturday, August 14, 2021.  At this session, the Board addressed revising the Vision, Mission, Goals, and Beliefs for the next year.  This document will be shared with ALL Stakeholders in the School System and was voted on at the Thursday, September 9, 2021 Meeting of the Board.  

The REVISED VISION and MISSION of Cannon County Schools which was adopted by the Cannon County Board of Education states, “VISION – ‘To Actively Engage in Excellence EVERY Day in EVERY Way!’ through OUR MISSION – ‘To Create a Unified Environment That Will Provide Opportunities for All Students to Succeed and Reach Their Full Potential!’ The GOALS of Cannon County Schools and the focus of the Strategic Plan of the Cannon County Board of Education are:

  • Provide a safe and supportive learning environment in a unified community;
  • Creating a ‘Culture of Excellence’ through high expectations in all areas;
  • Engage families and the community as partners in the learning process;
  • Develop and implement a long-range facilities plan that provides opportunities and resources for all Students, Faculties, and Staffs.”

The Board will also be participating in Re-Orientation Sessions facilitated by Director of Schools Curtis in accordance to Cannon County Board of Education Policy 1.203, “An orientation for new board members shall be conducted no later than thirty (30) days after new board members take office.”  These Re-Orientation Sessions will re-introduce Principals, Supervisors, and Cannon County Schools Central Office Staff and what each of their positions do in relation to our students, teachers, and staff personnel to the Cannon County Board of Education.

For media inquiries, please contact Mr. William F. Curtis, Director of Cannon County Schools at 629-201-4801 Extension 10101 or at  opens in a new windowwilliamf.curtis@ccstn.netcreate new email for local Cannon County Schools information.

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