Cannon County Schools recently selected an outstanding individual and leader to be Cannon County’s representative for Supervisor of the Year 2020-2021

Supervisor of the Year 2020-2021 for Cannon County Schools is Mr. Bryan Cofer.  He was honored at the February 11th, 2021 Meeting of the Cannon County Board of Education and a Staff Meeting of Cannon County Schools Central Office Personnel.  This is Mr. Cofer’s 17th year working as Director of Technology for Cannon County Schools. He is originally from East Tennessee, and graduated first in his class in the College of Engineering from the University of Tennessee in 1985 with a B.S. Degree in Industrial Engineering. He worked in industry for 11 years before he transitioned to K-12 education. Mr. Cofer has been in the field of technology for education for approximately 24 years now.  He was Supervisor of Technology for Morgan County Schools in East Tennessee for 7 years before transferring to Cannon County. His wife, Shirley, and Bryan have been married for 30 years.

Director of Cannon County Schools Mr. William F. Curtis stated, “Mr. Bryan Cofer does a tremendous job aiding the students, faculty, and staff of Cannon County Schools. He and his excellent staff (Senior Network Technician Timothy Davis and Network Technician Michael Medford) not only supervises and maintains the daily operations of every computer and electronic device in the Cannon County School System, but has gone the extra mile during this past pandemic year.  The following is a listing of achievements this past year from the Technology Department: 

  • Chromebook Deployment – Deployed 164 new Chromebooks to CCHS Freshman Class; Redeployed 220 used Chromebooks to K-8 schools for CICO (Check-In/Check-Out); Ordered/Prepped/Deployed 315 new (ESSER Funded) Chromebooks to K-8 schools;  Reassigned 129 (Civic Grant Funded) Chromebooks to K-8 schools.  A total of over 1,500 Chromebooks have been made available for student needs since April 2020.
  • Outdoor Wireless Internet Access – Outdoor WiFi is now available from all school parking lots. Equipment for this project was just ordered in July 2020 using ESSER funds, and the project was completed in early August 2020.
  • VOIP Phone Project – Project to deploy VOIP phones in all classrooms in the school district continued during the pandemic with the final 2 largest schools (Cannon County High School & Woodbury Grammar School). All phones have now been deployed, and the phone systems have also been integrated with intercom systems.
  • School Computer Lab Projects – A new computer lab replacement was installed at Woodbury Grammar School, along with an upgrade of another computer lab. A new Chromebox lab replacement was also installed at this school. A Chromebox lab replacement was also done at Cannon County High School along with replacement of Lion Academy Chromeboxes.
  • Centralized Finance Network – A network for the new Cannon County Centralized Finance Department has been installed and integrated with our school system network.
  • School System Network Infrastructure Upgrade – A large project to double the Internet speed/capacity of our school system network has been launched. The hardware that is going in place will be capable of a 10x increase, but will be limited according to the amount of bandwidth that we are purchasing from our provider (thus, a 2x increase for now). Equipment was staged out at the Central Office, and implementation completion accomplished by the middle of the school year.
  • Internet Content Filtering Upgrade – A new Internet content filtering system was ordered with ESSER funding in July 2020, and being utilized. The new system adds remote filtering capabilities, which were activated last week. This system will also replace our in-line system in the very near future.
  • Classroom Management System – A companion product to the filtering system will also allow teachers to interact with students online live during their classes. The system allows the teachers to view/control student screens, and also allows limited control over filtering rules. This system is currently in the testing phase.
  • Website Upgrade – A new website hosting provider has been vetted/selected for upgrading our school district website. This project was started over the summer, but is temporarily on hold due to the demands of other more urgent projects.
  • Recovery of Lightning-Damaged Network at Auburn Elementary School – A lightning strike at Auburn Elementary School on July 30th, 2020 resulted in significant damage to the school network. A total of 5 network switches, 7 computers, a monitor, laser printer, and 3 VOIP phones were damaged. We were able to fully restore/replace these items the following week before school was back in session.

In addition to all of these projects, Cannon Schools Technology Department has continued to provide end-user support for routine service requests, which typically surge at the beginning of each school year (and especially surge during a pandemic!).  Thousands of Computers and Devices for the education of Cannon County Students, as well as, Faculty and Staff Devices all depend upon this very skilled individual.  We are VERY fortunate to have Mr. Cofer as the Supervisor of Technology for Cannon County Schools.  This past year, I told a state official and other Directors of Schools that, ‘I would put my Tech guys up against any others in the state of Tennessee, and further would place Cannon County Schools Technology against any school district in Tennessee.  Why? Just because we are a small school system, does NOT mean our Technology is small – it is Tremendous!’ Our Supervisor of Technology – Mr. Bryan Cofer does this every single day going beyond to personify OUR VISION – ‘Engaged in Excellence EVERY Day in EVERY Way!’ through OUR MISSION – ‘To Create a Unified Environment That Will Provide Opportunities for All Students to Reach Their Full Potential!’”

The Cannon County Board of Education offers congratulations to this wonderful and deserving educator.  He will be representing Cannon County Schools in the Upper Cumberland CORE Region of Tennessee. 

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