Cannon County Schools announced recently that an outstanding individual and excellent educator was chosen to be Cannon County’s representative for Principal of the Year.

Principal of the Year 2020-2021 is Ms. Melinda Crook of Auburn Elementary School!  Ms. Crook had a surprise visit by Cannon County Schools Director William F. Curtis to her school recently to announce her selection as Principal of the Year for Cannon County.  Ms. Crook is currently serving her 20th year in Cannon County Schools and is in her 11th year as Principal of Auburn Elementary School beginning in 2010.  She is an alumnus of the school she currently leads as Principal, attended Auburn Elementary School here in Cannon County from 1980-1990, and graduated from Cannon County High School in 1994. Ms. Melinda Crook has one child – Lily Crook who is in the 8th Grade at Auburn Elementary School.

Director of Cannon County Schools William F. Curtis stated, “Ms. Melinda Crook has shown tremendous caring leadership of Auburn Elementary School in her tenure as Principal there.  She is very well-respected in the Auburntown Community by students, faculty, parents/guardians and community citizens.  Her professionalism is commended in her role as instructional leader at her school.  She is an “Auburn Knight” through-and-through from her Elementary School time there, to her being a long-time teacher, and now as Principal.  Ms. Crook goes the extra-mile for EVERY student in her school.  I commend her for her dedication and hard work at her school and in Cannon County. We are very fortunate as a School district to have dedicated and caring School Administrators at every school in our county. We celebrate their tremendous contribution and dedication to the students of Cannon County Schools, and specifically – Ms. Melinda Crook of Auburn Elementary School!”

The Cannon County Board of Education offers congratulations to this wonderful and deserving educator.  Auburn Elementary School Principal and Cannon County Principal of the Year 2020-2021, Ms. Melinda Crook, will be representing Cannon County Schools in the Upper Cumberland CORE Region of Tennessee.  We honor Ms. Crook for personifying the VISION and MISSION of our Cannon County Schools – “Engaged in Excellence EVERY Day in EVERY Way!” through our MISSION – “To Create a Unified Environment That Will Provide Opportunities for All Students to Reach Their Full Potential!”

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