The County Director at the Tennessee Department of Health has reported our County is currently out of the COVID-19 Vaccine. A new shipment is expected at the beginning of next week.

As more information is provided, there will be additional updates.

  • Vaccine supplies are in extremely limited supply, and the demand for vaccines is great. We are pleased with the overwhelming interest Tennesseans are showing in receiving COVID-19 vaccinations, and we are working as quickly as possible to provide vaccines as we receive additional shipments.
  • As you may have seen in the national media (See Bloomberg map), Tennessee has consistently been ranked in the top 10 states for percentage of doses used and for total doses administered. Last weekend alone, health department staff administered more than 25,000 COVID-19 vaccinations.
  • Tennessee is dependent on vaccine supplies from the federal government. The federal government controls the maximum amount of vaccine doses that states receive, and please let me assure you that Tennessee is requesting the maximum allotment at every opportunity.
    • We are now in a cadence of receiving additional allocations on a weekly basis.  
    • This week, shipments are expected to begin arriving at Tennessee pharmacies that are partnering with long term care facilities to vaccinate their members and staff onsite. It is vital to get vaccines to those who are the highest risk of severe illness and death from COVID-19 as quickly as possible.
  • We are diligently working on system improvements, including the new online eligibility tool and alert signup (Eligibility – TN COVID-19 Hub). Additional resources and key updates will be posted online on our COVID-19 Vaccine page, located at the hub.
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