Attached is this week’s COVID-19 vaccine brief. This week’s highlights include:

  • Tennessee expands access to COVID-19 vaccination to those age 70 and up.
  • To date, one in three Tennesseans age 70 and older has been vaccinated.
  • More than 526,000 Tennesseans have received at least their first dose.
  • Tennessee’s allocation of COVID-19 vaccines increased this week by 15 percent, and we expect our allocations to be level through the remainder of February.
  • Hospitalizations for COVID-19 have dropped more than 50 percent from the peak in early January.
  • This week’s state allocation of COVID-19 vaccines is approximately 93,000 doses, a 15 percent increase in the state’s previous weekly vaccine allocations. Tennessee’s allocations are expected to be level through the remainder of February.
  • This week, more than 100 major chain pharmacy stores will begin vaccinating against COVID-19.

Key links for COVID-19 vaccine information:

opens in a new windowState of TN COVID-19 Vaccine Resources
opens in a new windowTDH COVID-19 Vaccine Information
opens in a new windowCounty Phase Statusopens PDF file
opens in a new windowFrequently Asked Questionsopens PDF file

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