The Cannon County Election Commission is located at 120 South Tatum Street, Woodbury, Tennessee, 37190.

Phone: (615) 563-5650

December 20th – February 17 NOON is the Qualifying Window to run in the Local Elections. Here is the List as of January 17th. The following list includes everyone who has picked up Petitions. Those who have returned their Petitions are marked with a (Q) after their names. Those running as Republicans have and (R).

Nathan Luna – Commission District #1

Walter Mears – Commission District #3

Rebecca Tramel – School Board District 2

Todd Paxon – School Board District 2

Chris Singleton – Commission District #2

Karen Ashford – Commission District #2

Howard Wilson – Chancellor District 16 (Q) (R)

Barry Tidwell – Circuit Court Judge Division 3 (Q) (R)

Paula Brandon – Circuit Court Clerk

Ashley Lawson – Commission District #2

Jennifer Duggin – School Board District 2

Darrell Scarlett – Circuit Court Judge Division 5 (Q)

Corey Davenport – County Executive (Q) (R)

Chris Alexander – Commission #1

Brad Hall – Sherriff

Brent Brandon – Commission District #4

Barry Burt – Road Commission Zone #1 (Q)

Randy Gannon – Commission District #4

Tony Burnett – Commission District #5 (Q)

Krystal Alexander – Commission District #5

John House – Sherriff

Carly Gannon – School Board District #4

Lana Jones – County Clerk (Q)

Tony Cain – General Sessions Judge (R) (Q)

Sandy Hollandsworth – Register of Deeds (Q)

James Adkins – Commission District #2 (Q)

Norma Knox – Trustee (Q)

Millie Mingle – Trustee (Q)

Matt Cowan – General Sessions Judge (Q) (R)

Darrell Young – Sherriff (Q)

Katina George – Circuit Court Clerk (Q)

Greg Mitchell – County Executive (Q)

Terry Horn – Road Commission Zone 1 (Q)

Doyle Duke – Road Commission Zone 2

Jimmy Williams – Road Commission Zone 3

Gerald Melton – Public Defender (Q) (R)

Redistricting based off the 2020 Census has been completed. Click HEREopens PDF file for an updated County District Map.

District opens in a new windowONEopens PDF file

District opens in a new windowTWOopens PDF file

District opens in a new windowTHREEopens PDF file

District opens in a new windowFOURopens PDF file

District opens in a new windowFIVEopens PDF file

Office Hours: Monday – Friday / 8 AM – 4 PM

Our Mission Statement: It is the mission of the Cannon County Election Commission to ensure the integrity of every vote cast in Cannon County by administering election law and procedures equally and fairly to all, by providing the most efficient, accurate and secure election process possible, and, in all our endeavors, exceeding the expectations of the voters, taxpayers and citizens of Cannon County in accountability and competence.

Administrator of Elections: Matt Teply

About the Cannon County Election Commission: The Cannon County Election Commission is appointed by the Tennessee State Election Commission. The Tennessee State Election Commission is the only elected state commission. They are elected by the state legislature every two years. Every county in Tennessee has five Election Commissioners. In each county the political makeup of the commissioners is the same – three commissioners representing the majority political party in the state legislature and two commissioners representing the minority party.

Cannon County Election Commission Officers:

Chairman: Tom Ganoe

Secretary: Joan Banks-Shirley

Member: Dottie Baskin

Member: Sue Conley

Member: Sue Patrick

Administrator of Elections: Matt Teply

Cannon County, Tennessee, Polling Places:

Precinct:Polling Place:Location:
1-1(West Side) West Side School opens in a new window3714 Murfreesboro Rd. Readyville
2-21(Auburntown) Auburntown Community Center opens in a new window192 East Main St.
2-22(Gassaway) Gassaway Fire Hall 270 opens in a new window270 Gassaway Main St. 
2-24 / 4-42(Short Mountain) Short Mountain School5988 Short Mountian Rd.
3-32(Woodland) Woodland School8383 Jim Cummings Hwy. Bradyville
4-41(East Side) East Side School5658 McMinnville Hwy.Woodbury
2-23(Pleasant Ridge) Woodbury Grammer School530 West Adams St. Woodbury
5-51(Woodbury) Woodbury Grammer School530 West Adams St. Woodbury
NOTE: Woodbury and Pleasant Ridge precincts both vote at Woodbury Grammar School.  Pleasant Ridge are voters who live (roughly) north of the Woodbury city limits to Sugar Tree Knob Road.  The Pleasant Ridge precinct is set up on the far side of the Woodbury Grammar School Gym.  Those who live within the Woodbury city limits will vote at the machines closest to the gym doors. 
NOTE:  Short Mountain Precincts TWO and FOUR represent voters in the north-east part of Cannon County.  Those living (roughly) from Big Hill Road to Stones River Road are Short Mountain TWO voters.  From Stones River Road to Parchcorn Hollow and Vanhooser Road.  Please examine your voter card to be sure which precinct has your registration. 
The Election Office phone number is (615) 563-5650. Call for more information.

Early Voting:
Cannon County Election Commission
120 South Tatum Street
Woodbury TN 37190 

Registering to Vote:

Tennessee now offers online voter registration. To register to vote online, go to:

https:// opens in a new

If you have changed your home address, and/or you have legally changed your name, you can download, print, complete and mail this opens in a new windowFORMopens PDF file to update your voter registration. Mail the completed form to:

Cannon County Election Commission
120 South Tatum Street
Woodbury, TN 37190 

Read before downloading and submitting voter registration form:

1. Print on WHITE paper only.

2. Use black or blue ink to complete the form.

3. Complete every question on form including YES/NO questions.

4. Tennessee requires your Social Security number, if you have one, in order to register to vote.

5. Tennessee does not have any party registration.

6. This form can be used for either change of address or name change if you are already registered in Cannon County.

7. The 30th day before each election is the deadline to register to vote. Your by-mail registration form must be postmarked by that date in order to be processed for the upcoming election. Registration received after the deadline will be processed after the election.