Resources Provide Details of Proposed Student-Based Public Education Funding Formula

NASHVILLE: The Tennessee Department of Education released additional Tennessee Investment in Student Achievement (TISA) resources explaining how the proposed student-based public school funding formula will update the way Tennessee funds public education for the first time in over 30 years.

Starting in the 2023-24 school year, the opens in a new windowTISAopens PDF file would invest an estimated $9 billion in education funding for the state, including state and local funds, which would include an additional recurring state investment of $1 billion. The TISA is designed to empower each student to read proficiently by third grade, prepare each high school graduate for postsecondary success, and provide resources needed to all students to ensure they succeed.

“The Tennessee Investment in Student Achievement would put the funding focus on students and give Tennesseans clear information to understand how districts and schools are using funding to help our students succeed,” said Commissioner Penny Schwinn.

Many helpful resources are available at opens in a new including:  

·         opens in a new windowWhat is Student-Based Funding?: An animated video gives an overview of a student-based formula and how it would serve Tennessee students. 

·         opens in a new windowSubcommittee Recommendationsopens PDF file : This presentation provides a snapshot of recommendations collected from each of the 18 subcommittees during the statewide engagement process. 

·         opens in a new windowBase Fundingopens PDF file : This overview explains how and why student-based funding starts with a base amount for each student. 

·         opens in a new windowFunding Weightsopens PDF file : This overview explains how students’ individual education needs are supported through funding weights. 

·         opens in a new windowDirect Fundingopens PDF file : This overview explains how direct funding goes toward specific programs.

Last fall, Governor Lee announced the state would review its public school funding formula. The Tennessee Department of Education and the General Assembly convened 18 funding subcommittees, organized a legislative steering committee, and provided over 1,000 opportunities for the public to engage, including  opens in a new window16 public town halls and  opens in a new windowlocal match conversations across the state. This January, Gov. Lee and Commissioner Schwinn released a draft  opens in a new windowframework for the new student-based K-12 funding formula, which incorporated input from thousands of Tennesseans.

To learn more about student-based funding, Tennessee’s recent public engagement process and subcommittee recommendations, and to access additional resources, visit the department’s opens in a new windowwebsite

For Tennessee Department of Education media inquiries, contact  opens in a new windowEdu.MediaInquiries@tn.govcreate new email.   

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