According to the ADM2020-00428 which is the Order Modifying And Partially Lifting Suspension Of Inperson Court Proceedings filed with the Appellate Courts, in-person court proceedings will begin effective March 15, 2021.
Due to COVID-19 the Cannon County Clerk & Masters Office will be unavailable through January 25, 2021.
Tennessee Supreme Court Order Extending State Of Emergency, Suspension Of Jury Trials, And Suspension Of In-Person Court Proceedings
The Tennessee Departments of Corrections and Labor & Workforce Development will be hosting a hiring event for 2nd Chance Justice-Involved Individuals
Driver Safety School class that is schedule for January 13, 2021 has been rescheduled to March 10th @ 5 pm
The Supreme Court of Tennessee signed an Order on December 22 that all in person court proceedings were to cease for the Circuit, General Sessions and Juvenile Courts.