The Highway Department handles any problems with the roads or bridges that are listed on the Canon County road inventory, and within our right of way. Not all county roads have the same right of way, and not all county roads are on the county road inventory.


P.O. Box 260, 900 Old McMinnville Road, Woodbury, TN 37190

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 260, Woodbury, TN 37190

Phone: 615-563-4213
Fax: 615-563-6046
Email: cannonhwy@dtccom.netcreate new email

Road Commissioners:

Cannon County Road Commissioners meet every third Tuesday of the month at 5:00 pm at the highway department. If someone has something they would like to discuss at the road commissioners meeting, please call ahead of time so the discussion can be added to the agenda.  The three road commissioners are listed below with the zone they represent:

Zone 1- Terry Horn
Zone 2- Doyle Duke
Zone 3- Jimmy Williams
Road Superintendent-Wayne Hancock


Monday through Thursday from 6:00 am to 4:30 pm. Any emergency after hours, please contact 911, and they will get in touch with someone for the problem.

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